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Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. I figured I would write a post about all of the races I did this year. I know I said I would be writing a post about the marathon I ran in November but I decided their wouldn’t be enough content (I didn’t take any pictures except of my poutine after lol).

Here are all of the races I did this year!

February 11th: MEC Race below 0 10k – 58:22

This race was to test my fitness after taken some time off to rest my knee. It was fun and I raced on a horse racetrack!

April 16th: MEC Race 1 10 mile – 1:41:36

I don’t have a picture from this one. Basically, I tried to race it hard and blew up at the end. Made me hungry for my Easter dinner though!

Not a race but I adopted a cute kitty! (April)

2017-06-05 07.43.47

As a result of getting a new kitty, I didn’t run as much as I had hoped for race weekend.

May 28th: Ottawa Race Weekend 1/2 marathon – 2:21:08

2017-05-28 12.13.43

It was another hot day for racing in Ottawa. I went out hard but slowed down when I realized how the heat was affecting me. Probably one of the most fun races I’ve done!

June 18th: MEC race 2 10k – 59:14

2017-06-18 09.44.25

Another hot race! I had fun and stayed cool.

July 12th: 5/15 Farm run 15k – 1:31:05

2017-07-12 20.27.06

Moo moo medal! This was another race where I faded. It was a perfect temperature for racing and I got a cool cow medal.

August: no races but I found out that I won the lottery to participate in the Big Sur Marathon. I’m going to California in 2018!

September 17th: Canada Army Run 10k – 56:48

Finally, I had a great race! It was yet another hot day for racing. Luckily, the 10k started early so the course was still pretty shady. I actually ran 15k this day (2.5k warm up and cool down). I really liked that they added this distance and I will be doing it again next year!

October 1st: Not a race but still a PR (30k in around 3:18:00)

2017-10-01 13.08.16

This was my final long run before heading to Toronto for the Waterfront marathon. This was easily the best run I had all year and probably could have ran a respectable marathon. I did 20 miles in 3:32:06.

October 7th: (Also not an official race) Free 5k 26:01


This one wasn’t an official race but I am including it because I PR’d at it. I ran a solid 5k race on marathon training and improved my time. Another good run!

October 22nd: STWM Marathon: DNF

My first did not finished. I was struggling hard with a hot race and my legs just wouldn’t get moving. The killer was when my stomach started acting up too and I made the decision to drop out and try again on my own. My race finished in a Staples parking lot.

November 14th: Solo marathon through Ottawa – 4:54:39

Finally, I broke 5 hours in a marathon! This was a tough run. It started off well. Perfect running weather (1 or 2 celsius, no wind). At around the 30k mark, my foot started to hurt. It went away eventually, but my knee started hurting too. It was the overtraining kind of hurt so I ran/walked the rest since I basically had to cover the distance to get home anyways. Near the end, I was a woman possessed and managed to throw down a 9:58 in my 23rd mile. I stopped to have one more drink of gatorade before heading home and my leg started to hurt again. I basically walked the rest but still did better than my previous marathons by 20 minutes. Woo! I ended my run on the opposite corner from a Shawarma place and went in to get a poutine. I must have looked crazy lol.

I also did the Free 5k in December. It wasn’t record breaking, but the photographer got a good picture! We ran it for fun.

Free 5k December 2018

All in all, it was an up and down year for running. Some great races, some terrible ones. Running has taught me that no matter how prepared you think you are, something can always go wrong. And that’s ok.

On a personal note, 2017 was a great year! I finished up my master’s and graduated. I have a job lined up for the new year. I also am a member of Team Awesome to promote Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend! I will be doing the Scotiabank half marathon.

I am excited for what the new year will bring! I wish you all the best!