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Happy New Year!

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family and friends and now I’m playing catch up with my blog. This post will be a look back at my running last year and a look forward to what I’m thinking for this year.


In January, I was building up base to train for Around the Bay and Race Weekend and I ran my first race of the year.

Race 1: Race below zero with Mec 10 km

2016-01-31 09.31.40

Total distance: 71.7 miles


I was sick for a good portion of February but still managed to keep my mileage up. I didn’t do any races this month.

Total distance: 89.03 miles


I did one race a managed a new PR for the half marathon distance (2:03:29).

2016-03-06 11.53.52 HDR

Total distance: 73.32 miles


I did two races in April and got another PR at the 10 mile distance (1:33:43). I also did Around the Bay and beat my time from last year (another PR!) 3:20:49

2016-04-03 13.18.05

I also came up with a fun idea for race bibs:

2016-03-17 19.51.22

Total Distance:82.23 miles


I braced myself for my second marathon in scorching conditions. I PRed here too with a 5:14

Total distance: 78.56 miles


June was a recovery month but I still did a 10 k race. It was another hot one. This was another race where the times were adjusted to account for the heat so no one would die.

2016-07-04 15.12.29

Total distance: 24.29 miles


My luck of scorching hot races continues and raced on what was probably the hottest day of the year. Luckily, it was just a 5k.

Total distance: 71.55 miles


No races this month except for the free 5k at the experimental farms. This was also a PR (27:15). It was also the highest training mileage month I’ve ever done and I had gone on vacation too.

Total distance: 104.81 miles


September was a month of highs and lows. I started the month off at the free 5k and crushed my PR from the month before by 50 seconds (26:25). A few weeks later, I got destroyed at the Army Run (Commander’s challenge) where, once again, it was hot and humid.

Total distance: 70.02 miles


October had the last couple races I was planning on running. I also was playing soccer twice a week and may have over done it there. Both races I did were half marathons where I felt like my legs had no gas in them. I did run my second fastest half at the 9runrun race (2:06). I also beat my course record for the Gatineau half (2:22:13). I also race my “fastest” 10k in the 9run run race according to my Garmin (58:56) although I’m sure I ran a faster one in the hypothermic half. I believe that Garmin isn’t sophisticated enough to find the fastest 10k within a longer distance. It will just look at the first 10k of that run.

Total distance: 67.38 miles

November and December

Not much running was done the last two months because of knee pain. Eventually, I went to the doctor and found out that I’m just an overpronator who needs a little more support to get my leg to stay straight. I still played soccer through these months and biked a little bit. It was recommended by my doctor to bike but push harder with my left leg to equal out the muscle imbalances I have.

Total distance: 18.72 miles

Yearly Distance: 751 miles

I believe this is slightly more than last year. Considering that I barely ran for the last two months, this is showing there is an improvement in my training. Also, I PRd at every distance I ran this year which means I am definitely progressing a lot.

Looking ahead…

This month, I am just going to focus on building my base back up because I’ve probably lost a lot of fitness. I will also make sure to ride the bike more to get my legs more balanced. I won’t be doing any races this month. I am thinking about doing a 5k in February just to see where my fitness is at/ how much work I have to do to get where I was.

I am on the fence about doing Around the Bay this year. I will need to have an exceptional couple of months of training to be in shape for it. I’m not sure it’s realistic because I should have started training already and I’m unsure how much running my knee can handle yet. I have insoles in my shoes to help, but I’m sure there is a limit to how much they can handle.

Since I had such terrible luck with hot races last year, I’m trying a new plan for which ones I will run. At race weekend, I will only do the half marathon. My plan is to try and crack 2 hours. I think will a solid training session, I should be able to. I was only off by 3 minutes last year and that was without any speed/ tempo work.

The Army run has added a 10 k to their races this year and I think I will do that instead of the half. I have never performed well at the army run (except my very first race). It’s also been very hot most years because they’ve shifted the race towards the start of September.

I will still do a marathon this year, but I am targeting a late fall marathon. I think I will do the waterfront marathon in Toronto.

Other than that, I will probably just sign up for some races on a whim if I feel like doing them.

That’s all for now! I hope the first few days of the new year have treated you well!