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Hello all, I hope the holiday season has been treating you all well.

Sorry for the lapse in writing again. As I mentioned last time, I was dealing with an injury so I haven’t been running too much. And with not running too much also comes not having much to write about, so my bad!

I had mentioned that I was going to do the free 5K offered by Run Ottawa but I ended up having a really terrible cold and ended up staying home. This was probably for the best anyways as I needed more rest for my legs too. I received this cute postcard from Ottawa Race Weekend.


When I received it, I was like “Yeah I had a ‘great’ time… Don’t patronize me” haha. I like that send little custom ones out to everyone who ran as a reminder to sign up for next year.

Now, more about this “injury”. I rested for almost two weeks and just rode my bike and played soccer. So I figured I would be good to go again and I headed out on a run.

Nothing hurt during my run but that nagging pain returned once I was done and at school for the day. I decided that enough was enough, and that I would go to the doctor to finally figure out what was wrong. In the meantime, I road my bike.


Basically, I knew something was up when I was just finishing my Christmas shopping and still felt like something was off. Here’s my tree and some fun decorations in the mall!

I got to the doctor’s on Tuesday this week. I knew he would know what was up because he helped my dad a lot to rehab his knee problems. It’s nice to know I have a doctor who’s reaction was “Oh well you haven’t been running? We’ve got to get you back at it!” instead of “You’ll wreck your knees, stop running”. After describing to him what happened, and him checking out how I walk, my feet, and doing the test for tears (they twist your leg and see if it pops or hurts), he came up with the problem. I am an over pronator!

Now, I’ve known this since almost when I started running but it never occurred to me that it can get worse and cause problems. My left leg has a larger q-angle than my right leg which is putting stress on my knee. This is also brought on by a stronger right leg. So all I need are some insoles to help with pronation, and to strengthen my leg.

I bought some insoles as soon as I left the doctor. They are called “superfeet”. I’ve worn them one for running and walked around in them too to try and break them in. So far, they are comfortable and my knee did not bother me at all during my run!

I will right more about my running plans for next year, but I just thought I’d update you all that I am alive and I am running again! I’ll leave you with what I thought the worst case scenario was for my appointment.