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Hey everyone. Sorry about the long hiatus. I’ve been dealing with an injury and blogging about running while I wasn’t actually running wasn’t on my mind.

So long story short, after the Gatineau Half, I had a sore knee. I rested and played a few soccer games and I could still sort of feel that something wasn’t right. I have very specific pain on the inside of my left knee below the knee cap. From what I can tell, this is just a tight hamstring problem, or I’ve damaged my meniscus.

Taking this back, I could tell I was having some tight legs around the 9runrun race. I assumed it was normal wear and tear but I could feel it. So I knew when I did the Gatineau race, I’d probably feel it again. I was hoping that a few weeks of rest would help. After a lot of icing and anti-inflammatories, and stretching I think I’ve finally got it under control. I played soccer on Friday and today and I can feel it’s a little tight but no pain. I don’t believe I’ve damaged my meniscus because typically (from what I understand) you can pin point a specific moment where it feels like something has snapped or popped. My pain happened more gradually.

Luckily I am done racing for the year but this has made me weary to sign up for any spring races. I know for sure that I won’t be doing the hypothermic half I did this year because it would be too close to Around the Bay. Ideally, I would like to do Around the Bay but I want to make sure I can do the training first before spending the money. I think I will finally be able to start running more regularly next week and will need a few weeks to build my base back up.

I have gone on some runs and I’ve seen an improvement in my knee. I’ve just been doing an almost 5k route near my place so I can easily walk home if I need to. We finally got snow last week (as some of you may have seen from last weekend’s RedBlacks game).

I’ve been struggling with not being able to run and I’ve rode our bike training a few times. I never realized how much I rely on running to clear my mind until I can’t do it. I guess I use it a lot to sort out my over-imaginative mind and it’s been really hard to not have that outlet. So I’ve probably seemed off lately because of it. I’m hoping things will get better when I can get going again. Basically this is how I’ve been doing:


This will be the end of a kind of grumpy post; I’m hoping I can update more next time about which races I’ll be doing next year. I’m bummed I’ll be missing the run streak this year but I know it’s for the best and that I’m risking injury to try. I want to wish all of my American followers a Happy Thanksgiving and for those watching the Grey Cup, go Redblacks!

Oh and Christmas decorating has started.2016-11-22-20-36-25

One more thing. This weekend, Run Ottawa will be having their last free 5K of the year. I would normally skip out on this, but will be going because they are raising money for a good cause. I will just go slow and not race. They are raising money for a local kid named Jonathon Pitre. If you haven’t heard of him, he has Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa which causes terrible, painful blisters all over his body. This kid has been through so much and always remains so positive despite all of the pain he’s endured. He recently went to the US for experimental treatment to try and ease some of the symptoms. They are raising money to help cover some of the medical costs, and to help out his mom who has gone there with him. If you’d like to read more, or make a donation, there is a go fund me page set up here https://www.gofundme.com/2jxyu6qc

We can all learn something from his positive attitude (including myself for feeling so down lately)!