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Good afternoon!

I thought I would share some of my race pictures from the last race I did since they actually turned out nicely. Normally, I’m pretty unphotogenic. I mean in everyday life, not even when I’m running. So taking a picture of me when I’m running is usually a sure bet that you’ll get a silly face. This time, they turned out. I actually tried to smile and the finish line photos aren’t even bad.

This is the start of the race. My dad is right behind me still!

2016-10-15 | 2016 9RUNRUN

There’s a good gap between me and the next people, so they manage to get a lot of me passing by. I look like I’m having fun!

2016-10-15 | 2016 9RUNRUN

Just wanting the race to be over; they only have photographers at around the 18k mark.

2016-10-15 | 2016 9RUNRUN

Still smiling.


Out sprinting a lady to the finish…

2016-10-15 | 2016 9RUNRUN

Look at how much I passed her by! Made it to the finish.

2016-10-15 | 2016 9RUNRUN

Now where did I park the car?