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Good evening! It’s less than 36 hours to the Army Run now and I’m very excited. I’ve spent the last two weeks tapering and I’m getting a little crazy. 

You can see my mileage has really decreased. I usually do a two week taper. Our fall soccer league also just started up so I wanted to leave extra time this week to rest up from our game. I ran yesterday and felt pretty loose.  

I find I always get phantom taper pains. On Saturday, my calf cramped up on a shorter run. I have never had that happen before and it was super weird. Hopefully it was a one time thing. 

I am lucky to live near the start line and expo so I get to see the progress of how they put everything up. It also gives me extra time to get really excited!

I headed to the expo this afternoon and managed to beat the after work traffic. I got my bib, my dad’s bib and my boyfriend’s bib very quickly and efficiently. The volunteers are very well organized and everything is well planned. 

After picking up the bibs in city hall, the expo is set up in a big canvas tent outside. This is also where they give out the race shirts.  

I didn’t need any running gear so I just quickly walked through the expo. It looked like they had lots of things on sale though and a nice variety of brands. 

Another cool thing is that they have bands playing all day so it’s like a fun party. Today was also a nice day to be outside listening to music.  

 Lastly, they drive a bunch of army vehicles in so they can show them off. I think this is pretty cool and if anyone had to bring their kids with them, they wouldn’t be bored. 

I’m pretty excited. Since I’m doing the commanders challenge, I get three race shirts. One for each race, and then an third indicating I completed the challenge.   

 I think I have to re-evaluate my goals for the race. I’ve been plagued with (mostly) scorching hot race weather and unfortunately the Army Run won’t be an exception. As of right now, this is the weather forecast. 

The morning low is 19 meaning it’s only going to get hotter the more I race. It wouldn’t be so bad if it would stay cloudy, or if the humidity would drop. It’s going to be a sweaty race. 

That being said, I am planning on at least bringing a second pair of socks so I change them before the half starts. Any comfort I can get may be much needed! 

That’s all for now. Hopefully the next time I write, I will be a finisher of the Commander’s Challenge!