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Hey all! I would have written this earlier but I was busy enjoying the long weekend. It also happened to be my 25th birthday on Monday. I’m feeling a bit old now. I wish I could have done a 25 km run to celebrate like I did last year. They’ve moved the Army run up a week from when it used to be so I’m afraid the timing would have been off. I didn’t want to risk running too hard two weeks before a double race day.

Instead, I’ll tell you about what I did do. Alex’s sister and her fiance were in town to visit so we thought it would be fun to go do the free 5k that we also did last month. Their friend and our friend also came so it was a lot of fun having so many people we knew there! I made sure to rest up this time. (If you remember last time, I did a 10 mile run the day before…). So with fresh legs, I felt ready to race this time. We ate quite a bit of food the night before (mmm BBQ) but I wasn’t worried since it was a short race.

To refresh your memory, it was a 2 loop course and it’s pretty flat. There’s a slight hill, but nothing too huge. We all spread out in the race once it started, but I managed to PR! I finished in 26:25 which is a 50 second PR! Not too shabby. I felt like I couldn’t have ran much faster which was awesome (but a terrible feeling at the time!).

You can see I slowed down a little in the middle but that was to climb the hill the first time. The second time, I just flew over it!

I’ve also been thinking of goals for the Army run and I’m not used to planning to run two races! I had some really solid running in August, it was my highest mileage month ever. Considering I went on vacation during it also, that’s pretty impressive. Clearly from my 5 k time, my speed work has been working. I also still got some good long runs in too. The highest mileage one was 14 miles. I wish it was a bit longer but I hope a few miles wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Total August Mileage: 105 miles (New record!)

As I was saying, I’m not really sure how to set a goal for this double race. I think the most reasonable thing to do is to shoot for a cumulative time goal for both races. I think previously I had mentioned this. It just doesn’t make sense to race a 5 k as hard as possible and then follow by a half marathon. My legs would never last. So I will be writing about my goals as total time run for the day.

A goal: Sub 2:30

I think this would be a challenging goal. My half marathon PB is 2:03:29 and now my 5k time is 26:25. I think it may be a bit too lofty, but I have been doing a lot more training than I did in the spring when I got the PR. I think to achieve this, I would probably try and run a relaxed ~29 minute 5 k and then hit the gas in the half.

B goal: Sub 2:40

This may be more reasonable and give some room for error. I have never run well in the Army Run and tend to do better in the October runs I normally do. I’m hoping I can run full out. However, I still think this would be a great goal. I would still shoot for ~29 minutes in the 5 k and then that would leave a 2:10 half. Still a bit lofty but goals aren’t goals because they’re easy!

C goal: Just have fun!

I think after the first two goals, if I run slower than that, it’s ok. It means my races didn’t go as planned but I will still try and finish and just do my best. I’ve never ran two races like this so I’m not really sure what to expect. I feel like I’m in pretty good shape and honestly still don’t believe I ran that 5 k so fast!

Apparently I took no photos at all from running, but here is a nice sunset over the Ottawa River.


In a little more than a week, I’ll be running through those streets.

That’s all for now!