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Hello everyone! I am back from vacation. My boyfriend and I booked a very last minute trip out to the east coast and it was a very fun time.

I knew I would probably lose my long run over the weekend because of the vacation. I’m lucky enough now that Alex has decided he likes running. He wanted to run while we were away too. Unfortunately, he’s not doing long distances so it wouldn’t have been very fun to do a long run alone and leave him to do whatever.

Let me tell you about my vacation. We flew to Moncton, drove to Charlottetown and stayed in Cavendish. Then we drove to Mahone bay, visited Lunenburg and then went to Halifax. From Halifax, we stopped in Truro for a bit and then drove to back to Moncton. We did a lot of activities (Cavendish beach, Lobster dinner, Lunenburg, Peggy’s Cove, Alexander Keith’s Tour…. etc). What I didn’t consider was that we had the option to explore all three provinces while running!

It was a little difficult to find information about paths and trails around where we were staying but we still managed to find some. The first one we did was in Cavendish. We found a trail which was just down the road from our hotel and it went right along the coast.

Here’s the view from the lookout.

2016-08-19 07.36.10

It was a pretty incredible run. We ended up going about 4 miles but we stopped a lot to explore. We even saw a fox pop out of the bushes and we also saw a bunny!

2016-08-19 08.20.29

We went to the beach after we went to have breakfast and shower.

The next run we did was in Halifax. I had emailed the Running Room in Halifax to see if they could suggest somewhere nice to run. They were kind enough to get back to me but they suggested a run through the downtown with lots of turns and it just seemed like it would be too hard to follow/ remember where to go. I searched around on the map near where we stayed and found a park with trails! So we got up early on Sunday morning to go check out Point Pleasant Park. It turns out that they don’t allow bikes in before 10 am and people could have their dogs off the leash. This was not a problem at all as all of the dogs were well behaved (and cute!).




It was really humid but it was nice to not be getting killed by heat and sun too.

We stayed in Halifax for two days and then made our way back to Moncton. We made a  stop in Truro to do some hiking. We found some really cool trails.

It doesn’t count as a run but I really wish I had know they would be so nice! It would have made for a nice, challenging run because of how hilly it was.

Last stop, Moncton. We were flying home from Moncton Tuesday afternoon so we had time to kill in the morning. We found a trail that runs by the river which was really nice. It was very wide and had really good signs. The water looked yucky!

We did 4 miles that day and again, it was so cool compared to running in Ottawa. I was scared to come home after being spoiled out east.

That’s all of the running we did on our trip, but I should also mention how much we walked. Based on what our phones tracked (including our runs) we walked over 80 km on our adventures. We were pretty active!

Anyways, I’m back to the real world now and finishing up prep for the Army Run, which is in 3 weeks (yikes!). It’s also going to be my birthday! 🙂

Side note: I’ve met my 100 mile goal for August, more about that later