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After months of bad luck with races being too hot, I finally did one that was reasonable. It’s funny how climatized we get to the heat. The run I did was at 9 am, and it was only 22 degrees out! It had been cloudy all morning until it started, then the sun was very hot. Anyways, it’s funny how 22 seems reasonable right now but would be unbearably hot in the spring.

The run I did actually wasn’t a race. Run Ottawa, the local running club who organizes a few races throughout the year, has a free 5k on the first Saturday of every month. I had never been to one before but it lined up well with my plans for the weekend so I decided to do it. My boyfriend also ran with me because he’s going to be doing the Army run 5k in the fall! (He’s also super fast and finished in 21:21).

Because of my plans for this particular weekend, I did my long run on the Friday. This wasn’t ideal for racing the next morning but I honestly wasn’t expecting much. I set pretty low expectations because I knew there was a chance of it being really hot, and I also knew I would be running on tired legs. So my main goal was actually just to pace myself reasonably after the disaster that was my last 5k race. I wanted more practice for the Army run so I don’t go out way too fast and suffer through two races.

The run was at the experimental farm again but took a different route than the last one I did there. This was lucky because where I have had to run uphill in the past was actually a downhill stretch. Bonus. The run wasn’t individually timed but they did have a clock set up at the finish line. It was two laps of 2.5k. I liked this because it made it easy to check your progress halfway through.

Here I am halfway through!

Note: these phots were taken by Ian Hunter who is kind enough to photograph the Run Ottawa events!

Long story short, despite the sun being very warm, I managed a new PR by 5 seconds. I finished in 27:15. This is kind of hilarious because I was going to pace myself to finish between 28:30-29:00 but obviously I had speed on the brain. I did pace myself pretty well, just not to the right time. I realized at the halfway mark that I could beat my old time if I sped up a little, and I did.

You can see that I started way too fast but immediately slowed down. Normally when this happens, I just think it’s my watch lying to me about how fast I’m going. This time, I think it was accurate based on how it stayed like that for longer than a minute. I should also mention that the entire race, I just had Enter Sandman on repeat… Haha.

I’m pretty happy with this result because I honestly think I can even go faster than this. I was dead tired at the finish line and had no gas left. But I also ran 10 miles the day before. I have been doing a lot of speed/strength work recently which also will (hopefully!) make me faster.

Here I am after my speed workout last week- still smiling!

2016-08-10 08.27.11

My plan to up my mileage for the month is also going well. To date, I have run 62 miles this month which should put me near 100 by the end of the month if I stay on track. I booked a last minute vacation to the east coast so I might miss a run or two but I’m not too worried about it. I don’t think I’ve ran this consistently since my run streak. But this time, I’m putting in more meaningful miles instead of “garbage” ones (ie the 1-2 mile runs I did to keep the streak alive).

I plan to eat lots of lobster and hopefully not turn into one!