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Good evening! So it seems Mother Nature seems to have a personal vengeance against me this year. 

Last Friday, I made the decision to sign up for the Run Ottawa 5/15 run. I’ve done the 15 in the past, but opted for the 5k as I haven’t really ran far enough to race 15k right now. 

I had to sign up early enough to still get the t shirt so at the time, the weather was unconfirmed. Now that the race is coming up tomorrow night, it’s certain it will be a hot one.  

 My next race day forecast is “hottest day of the year”. Oh did I mention it’s also starting at 6:30pm? Aka it will still be super hot. 

To be fair, it might rain in the afternoon and cool down…  

 It’ll only be 31 when the race is going to start. 

In between the heat, and a random foot pain that’s come up since my last run, “racing” is probably out of the question. At least this time it’s a short race!