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Summer is finally here! I went away on a little vacation but still have some running things to tell you about.

First, that 10k race I did was an absolute disaster. The forecast was calling for a high of 34 degrees celsius (that’s without humidity). Luckily the race was starting early so I was hoping it wouldn’t be too bad. The course was an out and back route in Carp along some farm roads. This meant no shade.

I started and I felt pretty good because it hadn’t heated up yet so I decided to go for it. By 5k, I was dying. The sun was out full blast and I had no gas left. I knew it was going to be a “just finish” race. At this point, my dad had also passed me and I knew he was going to beat me!

I ended up finishing in over an hour (yikes!!). I did the first half in about 29 minutes and the second half in 37… Talk about good pacing. Here are my splits.

That’s one of the worst pace graphs I’ve ever seen haha. I did find out that my watch approximates your cadence. I didn’t know it did that!

After the marathon, I felt like I wanted redemption and that I might do a fall marathon. I am still thinking about this but I might be too far behind on training to reasonably do it. I have not logged many miles in June because I believe my legs needed the rest. In fact, I have only ran 25 miles for the whole month. I have been playing sports however and have still been active.

My next big race is going to be the Army run. This year I will be doing the Commander’s Challenge. You run the 5k followed by the half marathon and you get a bunch of cool extra stuff (two medals!!). I’m trying to figure out a training plan that will kind of prepare me for a short run/long run sort of thing. I think I will try and do more speed work also to improve my 5k time.

My overall goal for that race (which may be very ambitious considering my 25 miles of running last month…) is to finish both races in under 2:30. This would mean matching my best times in both events back to back. It is probably too lofty of a goal but I may as well try my hardest to achieve it.

As I mentioned, I went on vacation last week. I went to Toronto, Muskoka, and Sault Ste Marie. I did a lot of relaxing and sitting (and drinking beer!). I didn’t do a lot of running but I still ran a 5k on July 1st. That’s Canada day. I have done the same race two years in a row prior to this year and was missing it.

Anyways, not much more to say except that I’m working on a new training plan and will hopefully get to running more mileage over the next few weeks. I don’t have any summer races planned for sure yet. I may do one at the end of the month but am undecided.

Here is a picture of our campfire in Muskoka!

We also had some sweet wolf curtains. They were made from towels.

2016-06-28 10.33.21

That’s all for now!