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Good afternoon all!

Race weekend is upon us! I am genuinely terrified. The forecast has not looked good all week and unfortunately did not change for the better. It’s going to be brutally hot and humid with a chance of thunderstorms.

The forecast is so severe, they’ve actually changed some start times to make things less dangerous for runners.  

This doesn’t include a change for the marathon. I was really hoping it would start an hour earlier but I’m sure the logistics would be a nightmare. Especially since the 10 k tonight already got pushed back. Here’s the forecast. 

What makes this especially scary is that this is the first couple of days where it has been humid in Ottawa. Therefore, most people are not acclimatized and it will be brutal. 

That being said, all time goals are being thrown out the window. My only goal is to finish (providing the race doesn’t get cancelled before then). The organizers have said that they will stop the race if the medical tents get too overwhelmed. 

I’m trying to channel all my nerves and I’m hoping to try and “enjoy” myself out there. Race smart people, it’s too dangerous to go for a PR tomorrow.