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Good evening all!

Just a short update for tonight. I realized I’m running a marathon in less than three weeks and am kind of freaked out. I’m sure regardless of the training I could have done, I would still feel as nervous as I do.

As I predicted, the last few weeks have been a battle in between resting and trying to maintain fitness. I have been battling extreme muscle soreness after every run I did. It didn’t matter what distance or intensity, my legs just feel like dead weight. My mileage dropped a bit but I think I found the balance between running and resting.

It’s been really tough convincing myself to try and take it easy. It’s frustrating letting mileage goals slip by but I’m sure it was for the best. I still managed to get decent mileage, just not what I wanted. Another problem has been that my allergies are acting up quite badly. It’s left me feeling like I have no energy and I’ve been having a tough time breathing.

The one consequence of all this is I took the weekend off from my long run. The forecast was cold, wet and windy for Sunday so I decided to wait until Monday for my last 20 miler. Monday morning came and I decided I would go do some lab work and head out in the afternoon since it was a cold morning. I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel so I planned my route with easy bail out points. I also figured that doing the full 20 miles would do more harm than good at this point. My marathon would not be made or broken on this run. It would just give me mental confidence that I can cover the distance.

I did not fuel properly for an afternoon long run and bailed after 10 miles due to heart burn and being hungry. At first, I was pretty disappointed. Then I realized that I didn’t feel that same muscle soreness I had been experiencing, so hopefully that problem is over with.

I also ran a “quick” 5k the day before which means it’s really impressive my legs felt ok. I got a new running watch and I wanted to set my “fastest 5k” on it. I ran a casual 28:40 which is no where near my best but it was still fun seeing it pop up on the screen. Then after my long run, it also informed me that my best 10 k is 1:10. Hilariously not close to my actual best but it shows how much I struggled on my long run.

I got a Garmin Forerunner 220. I found it on Amazon and the price finally dropped low enough since it’s discontinued. I’ve wanted a new watch for awhile and I’m glad I finally bought one. I’ve only use it a few times but it’s an improvement over my old one. It finds satellites almost instantly and seems to track my pace more consistently. I haven’t used it a lot, but so far so good!

2016-05-10 19.52.05

And it’s purple!

Lastly, I volunteered to help set up for a run last weekend. My friend was working to set up the Run for Women in Ottawa and she needed extra hands. I went and tried my best to help out the day before. Unfortunately, there was a lot of heavy lifting and this runner’s body is not cut out for that. I did build some flags though! It was nice helping out because I also got to chat with some guys who worked for running room. It’s good to be able to honestly talk about running; if someone is not into running, it is very easy to overshare and make them feel like you’re just talking too much. But most runners I’ve talked to are always interested and willing to lend an ear.

No crazy plans for the next two weeks with the race coming up. I’ll just take it easy in my taper and try and  trust my training. I hope to do a post about my goals for the marathon a little closer to the race.

Lastly, I went to a wedding shower for my cousin so I’ll leave you with a picture of me looking like a respectable person instead of a sweaty runner.

2016-05-01 12.14.32