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Hello all!

I ran my fourth race of the year and it was another record me for. It was another race in my MEC package for the year. I paid something like $12 each for 5 races and it’s such a good deal so far.

This time the race started at the aviation parkway on a Saturday morning. My dad also signed up for it and he came to pick me up. The race was an early start – 8:45 am. It was a 10 mile race. They also organized at 5 k and 10 k.

It was a cool but sunny morning. This really made for a funny variation in race outfits. It was very obvious who had been running outside all winter and who hadn’t. The outside group was all in shorts and a shirt, whereas the insides were decked out in gloves, hats, winter pants, and coats. I saw one women running in the coat I use on the really nasty -20 days. Yikes. I guess I never realized how acclimatized we can get.

I wasn’t feeling great at the start of the race. I ate a burger the night before for dinner because I did not have high expectations for the race. It felt like it was fighting back up to the race start. I decided I would try and race it anyways and just hoped for the best.

My previous 10 mile record happened during the Hypothermic Half and it was 1:35:46. I figured I should be able to beat it as long as my stomach held on. I set out quickly and tried to warm up. For a sunny day, the wind was still cold that early in the morning!

The course was an out and back route and the 10 mile run started first, followed by the 10 k, then the 5. I almost made it to the 10 k turn around before people started passing me. Not bad!

I felt good up until the 10 k point. I passed it at 57:07 which is actually a 10 k record for me too. I’m certain I could crack 57 minutes in my current condition. My legs still felt a bit sore from Around the Bay and they really started to struggle near the end of the race. They just had no kick left in them. I just tried to hold on and still managed to PR! Here are my splits.

MEC Splits

A 2 minute PR on tired legs! Not too shabby.

Last week I had exams so it dampered my training a bit. I managed to get out for my long run the day after my last exam and treated myself to a 18.3 mile run.My boyfriend suggested a new route and I felt like I was going on an adventure instead of for a normal long run. I went on the canal to Hog’s Back. There was a race going on and Colonel By was closed. I left too early to see everyone but I did see the race leaders which was cool.

Then when I made it to Hog’s back, I switched to the Rideau River path. This was fun because this route actually has a couple small hills instead of being pancake flat like the canal. I took this path all the way to Sussex and crossed over the river. Next I went to Parliament and hopped on the Ottawa River path. Eventually I turned back around and headed home.

2016-04-27 17.18.01.png

I did not go fast at all on this run and was not supposed to. I kept fairly consistent splits (the 12 minute mile is where I stopped to take this picture and I didn’t pause my watch).

2016-04-24 12.19.50

My legs felt like they were getting pretty tired during my run and I’m hoping that means I was just still recovering from the MEC race. It’ll be a fine balance between running enough and resting until Race Weekend.

Lastly, I got my hair cut! Finally. It had been almost 5 months and I figured it was time to treat myself after exams.

2016-04-26 17.22.07