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Good afternoon!

It’s been another couple of busy weeks at school. Things are still going well, just getting to the end of the semester with lots of work still to do.

I’ve always wondered what other people did with their race bibs after they finish their race. I’m sure a lot of people just throw them out, but I like to keep them as a reminder of how far I’ve come since I started running (plus, not all races give out medals!).

I never really knew where to keep them so I just had them in a pile on a desk. It didn’t look very good. Sometime last week, I finally had an idea of what to do with them. I decided to buy a giant picture frame (the one I got is poster sized) and put them in there.

I found a pretty cheap one at Ikea with a nice frame. I had to take all of the safety pins out of each bib next. If anyone has an idea of what to do with so many safety pins, let me know!

I have too many bibs to display all of them, so I divided my bibs into ones that meant something significant to me (PRs, new distances, fun races) and ones that were just regular races. I measured how big the opening was in the frame and tried to make my layout slightly bigger so it would stay in the frame well. I placed the bibs vertically and horizontally until I had a base.

2016-03-17 19.31.02

As I was laying them out, I made sure to tape them all together so none would fall off once in the frame. Once I finished taping the base, I put the bibs that meant more to me on top and taped them on. Then I put it in the frame. Here’s the finished project!

2016-03-17 19.51.22

I tried to keep the bibs with my name on them fully showing. Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out.

Another thing that is cool about it is that I can keep adding to it as I race so it will keep changing. Or I can make smaller ones to put beside this one as accents.

As an engineer, this is about as artsy as I get so I’m impressed with myself. Hopefully this helps anyone stuck with what to do with their bibs!