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I dropped off the face of the planet again. Sorry about that, it’s been a crazy month at school. Luckily I have mostly kept up with running though.

My training has been going as well as possible, I got sick twice so far during the training for Around the Bay. I’ve missed a few long runs and some weekday runs. Overall, I have been more consistent that last year and have logged way more mileage. Here is a summary of my training

2016-03-08 21.21.16 (2)

You can see that I had some lower mileage weeks where I missed a few runs. It’s tough getting out there when you’re sick and unfortunately I had two pretty nasty colds. I did some light runs and a long run but it’s just so much stress on your body when you aren’t 100%. I did what I could.

Last weekend I had a 19 mile run planned but was at the end of my cold. I planned my route that I could bail and go home if things got really bad. Long story short, I felt like garbage and decided to cut it short and just do 13.1. I ran it in about 2:29. I felt so disappointed with my time and my running. My boyfriend reminded me that I’ve come a long way to be disappointed with being able to casually run a half marathon. Touché.

Knowing I had a race coming up the next weekend, I didn’t really know what to expect after that terrible long run. I ran a test pace run on Thursday just to see if I could hold a faster pace for a couple miles. I set my goal pace for a 2:10 half finishing time. I ran it fine and didn’t find it too hard. I figured I may be able to PR on Sunday.

The race I signed up for was the Hypothermic Half which is organized by Running Room. I was pretty disappointed with how unorganized they were (I had to call them twice to verify the race details because their website wasn’t clear!). They also didn’t sent out an email the week of the race to outline the details which I thought was weird, especially since the race location changed and they never announced it. But not a huge deal, I showed up at the right time.

The race was in Kanata at the Marshes golf club. My dad did a race here in the fall and he warned me that there were some awkward short hills because it followed the golf cart paths. I prepared myself for the same thing. However, when I got there I found out I was running on a back road behind the golf course that was perfectly paved and flat. Bonus.

I made it to the course and got settled with about 15 minutes to spare. I warmed up a little in the parking lot and got ready to start. Again, I didn’t know what to expect so I just figured finishing would be nice because the medal looked cool. Oh I should mention, it was a “hypothermic” race with a high of 5 degrees celsius. We got super lucky with the weather and it was also nice and sunny.

Before I knew it, we were off. The course was 4 loops of 5.2 km with a little extra to the finish line. It was the perfect course to tell how consistent you were running. My goal was to run each 5 km chunk in 30:00.

I finished the first 5k in 30:00. I did the next in 29:30…. I did the next in 29:30…. I realized I still had plenty of gas in the tank and that I was going to hugely crush my previous time of 2:10 and some change. I floored it in my last 5 km to the finish. I finished in 2:03:29! A seven minute record for me!

Here are my spilts

2016-03-08 21.13.21

My slowest mile was my first one. The other 9:50 mile was because I was having trouble getting my chews out and I had to walk for a few steps. You can see I was absolutely flying (for me) at the end. If I knew I could got that fast in the last 5k, I would have started faster. Either way, I am so happy with my new record! It’s nice to finally see some improvement in my times after all the extra running I’ve done compared to next year.

2016-03-06 11.53.52 HDR

Here I am after the race! There was a nice brunch after and my friend met me for it. I was sufficiently stuffed and smelly in this picture.

This month should be interesting. There’s a few more weeks until Around the Bay and I have a lot of work to get done at school. Luckily there’s only two more higher mileage weeks left. I’m thinking I’ll do very well at the 30 k race based on my new half time.

I also went to Quebec City last month and went dog sledding. Here’s me with a puppy!

2016-02-19 14.08.06

That’s all for now! Hopefully I won’t wait this long to write again!