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Hello! It’s been a busy couple of weeks but I’m here!

School started back up two weeks ago and I’ve been a little preoccupied. I thought I’d share my plans for the next couple of months.

My first race of the year is coming up next weekend on Sunday! I was worried it was going to be freezing but so far, the forecast looks pretty mild.

2016-01-24 19.48.18

I’ll be happy as long as it stays above -10 and doesn’t snow ridiculous amounts.

Another update is that I quit my job! I have one shift left. I am lucky enough to be a TA this semester and I won’t have enough time in my week to do both. Between research, my classes, and the schedule of the class I am a TA for, I would have almost no down time. It would also make it a lot harder to keep on top of running.

I’ve set up a spreadsheet to keep me on track for running. I am following a marathon training plan right now to prepare for Around the Bay. With the schedule I have at school, it’s been interesting making sure I hit all the runs. Also, I have the plague this week and had to take a few days off to rest. I was supposed to run 15 miles today but I’m going to try to do it on Tuesday instead. I still feel pretty rotten.

2016-01-24 19.47.39

I also learned that you can download excel onto your phone! What a time to be alive.

You’ll notice that there are some pace runs in my schedule. I’ve been pretty successful hitting the goal pace (which is stay below 10:00/mile) but in the last few weeks, it has gotten harder. Winter finally hit in Ottawa and there is snow all over the paths. I’ve found it harder to keep that speed while trying to run through the salty snow slush. I’m hoping that keeping the same effort will result in the same speed gains.

2016-01-03 09.40.12

The snow does make for a pretty picture though. I’ve been working my trail shoes into my shoe rotation and they’ve been really helpful. They are completely waterproof and have better traction in this snow garbage. I’m really glad I picked them up last year.

Anyways, I have three races on my schedule above. I will also be doing the Hypothermic Half in Ottawa. It’s in March, so I’m taking a gamble with the weather. Usually the worst of winter is over by then but we’ll see. As long as it isn’t really cold and windy, I will have the gear to run it.

The next race on the schedule is Around the Bay in 30k (which is the “marathon” mark on the schedule). I’m hoping that training for farther distances will make the race easier than last year. It’s on the first weekend in April which should mean mild spring weather in Hamilton, if we are lucky. I’m looking forward for some redemption after last year.

One last update is that I joined a soccer team with my boyfriend! I’ve only played one game so far but it was fun. My legs were so dead the days after the game. I wanted to have a reason to leave my house/campus and socialize with other people.

I hope I can post more regularly but with my school schedule, it will definitely vary from week to week. Don’t miss me too much when I’m not writing!