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I made it to the end of the streak! It was fun but I don’t think I’ll be continuing it. Sometimes it’s nice to have a day or two off because sometimes you really just don’t feel like it. I think I will find it easy to follow my training plan now because there is a drop in the amount of days I’ll be out.

Day 33


1 mile. Here’s a picture of the same park from the last post.


Day 34


1.0 mile again. I wasn’t feeling well and we had a terrible snow storm so it was pretty hard to navigate outside. Here’s a picture of the sidewalks


Here I am at the park


It was a bit snowy.

Day 35
I had to get my run in before work so I got up early. I knew the sidewalks would still be bad so I just ran up and down the clear sidewalks until I got my distance in.


5.0 miles in freezing rain.  I wanted to go farther but I ran out of time. I ended up having to walk half an hour from the bus on my way home from work. The buses got lined up really badly through downtown because of the snow blocking where people were getting off the buses. I walk for about half an hour instead of waiting for the bus to get through it and I passed probably 40 buses on my journey. I got home later but it was earlier than the bus. I like to think this made up some of the distance I missed in the morning.

Day 36
I didn’t take a picture this day. My friend’s wedding reception was on new years eve and I had to rush around in the morning to get my hair and makeup done. I did run though!


1.0 mile. And happy new year!

Day 37
It was a struggle to get out after having such a late night but I knew it was the last day of the streak.
I forgot to take a picture so here’s another one from the wedding.


1.0 miles to end out the streak!

Total miles while streaking: 112 (179 km)

This was a great way for me to stay moving during the holidays. I would recommend a streak to anyone who likes to run and is already running a few times a week. I would not recommend doing it if you are prone to injuries because it’s easy to overdo it if you feel like you absolutely have to go out. Also I liked using the runners world app to save my distances in but it is absolute crap at tracking distance. The times I used it, I clicked save i run and it said saved. Then I would go back and look and my run was gone.  I didn’t follow their plan for which distances to run either, as I started around the bay training and am doing my own thing.

I think that wraps up my streak posts! I’ll probably write more about my training plans soon! Happy new year to everyone!