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I’m still streaking! 

Day 23

I forgot to take a picture this day, here are my holiday nails

1 mile

Day 24

1 mile. It was freezing rain and I had to work so I just ran down the street to the park and back. A few minutes later and this would have been an awesome picture. 

We also did our Christmas this night!  

He got holiday lunch meat in a can. 

Day 25

We stayed up late and drank wine so this was a bit of a rough run. 1.5 miles and I stopped for hot chocolates at the end. 

Day 26

I forgot to take a picture again. But I rode a double decker bus which was fun. 1.6 miles 

Day 27

I ran to work. Here I am in china town!  7 miles

Day 28

In the ville

That’s when I found this tree

3 miles

Day 29

It was 17 degrees this day. So ridiculous. I got home late so I only managed a short run before it got too dark. 1.8 miles 

It was also Christmas Eve and I have this ridiculous shirt. 

Day 30


I did a 6 mile tempo run and crushed it! 

Day 31

I forgot to take a picture. Here’s some cat paws 

1 mile 

Day 32

Freezing rain, snow and a temperature below zero! I still managed to get my long run in because the paths didn’t get slippery.  

You can’t tell but it was actually still snowing. 10.8 miles

Sorry about the delay in posting, I’ve been wrapped up in holiday plans. Hope you’re enjoying your holidays!!