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Despite having a really busy (and awful) week at school, I’m still streaking!

Day 16

2.5 miles. I had a busy day of writing a paper, studying and Christmas shopping. According to my phone I did 7 km of walking (not including my run)

Day 17

1.0 mile. I had to work and only managed the minimum. I ran around the block and saw some fat squirrels. 

Day 18

3.1 miles. This should have been a long run but I had to finish a paper and study. Also we went out for breakfast and probably wouldn’t have been the best fuel. Plus there was rain kicking around. 

Day 19

I forgot to take a picture. 1.0 mile, busy studying

Day 20 

  5 miles. The weather was terrible but I wanted to get some miles in and take a break from studying. I managed negative splits into a strong headwind which was kind of awesome. 
Day 21

I forgot to take a picture this day too. I wrote my exam in the morning and got absolutely destroyed by it. I’m trying to move on but it’s tough to let go so easily. This picture is how I felt after the exam. 

I don’t think I’m fat but I’m pretty sure I’m so bad at dancing that it doesn’t matter. I ran 1.0 mile. 

Day 22

I had a horrible time trying to get my shit together today. I tried to relax because it’s Christmas break now but the exam is still looming over my head. 

6.0 miles. It misted rain the whole time and I got kind of cold. But I got some miles in anyways. I also saw some ducks  

It’s so bizarre that the canal isn’t frozen, and even weirder that there are still sucks hanging around. 

This week I also decorated my tree!


I think those are all my updates. I picked up a few shifts at work next week and am also looking forward to Christmas!