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It’s the end of week two and I’m still streaking! 

Day 9

2.10 miles!

Day 10  

2.6 miles. This was a nice way to break up a day of studying. 

Day 11

Long run day! I ate half a pizza for breakfast (see my last post) and survived!  
8 miles. Perfect weather too. I can’t believe there isn’t snow yet. 

Day 12 

I had an exam this day so I spent a lot of my day studying and then went out for my friend’s birthday after. 

1.0 mile. I ran around the block and came home. Streak is still alive! 

Day 13

I wasn’t feeling great so I took it easy. And forgot to take a picture. Also I tried to use the runners world app to track my run. I checked it and it said I had run (RUN) half a kilometer in 6 minutes. Piece of crap. 

This is me in real life. 1.1 miles. 

Day 14

Another really mild day. I probably could have worn shorts but I didn’t feel like having people stare at me. 3.05 miles. 

Day 15

It was another hot one today!

5 miles out in the sunshine! I couldn’t  help but to feel judged today which is ridiculous because it was 10 degrees out and sunny. It’s like people hear “December” and automatically think they have to dress a certain way. Whatever at least I wasn’t hot. 

That brings me up to 48 miles since I started the streak. Talk about a good way to get my butt back in shape!