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I thought it would be fun to keep track of my run streak with some pictures. Unfortunately I thought of it on the second day so day 1 has no picture. 

Day 1: 3.4 miles

Day 2: Mild weather! It was raining but 13 degrees. People looked at me like I was crazy but I barely got wet  

2.4 miles

Day 3: the exact same run as day two, only with a huge difference in temperature   
2.4 miles

Day 4: still streaking , long run day!  

My kind photographed ended up catching himself in the picture!

6.2 miles

Day 5  

2.2 miles 

The canal is starting to freeze!  

Day 6

My stomach was not cooperating so I managed 1.1 miles. Keep the streak alive!

Day 7

I was super rushed and had to cut my run short. 2.4 miles 

Day 8

My lips were really dry and I couldn’t smile normally. 5 miles in the ville. 

Also I got a haircut! 

So I’ve survived 8 days of a steak so far! 25 miles in. Also this week was the start of around the bay training!