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To be honest, the title of this blog was an accident, but when I realized it made sense I decided to leave it.

I’m a week and a few days post 9runrun and I thought I’d post my splits and some of the race pictures. They finally started allowing people to have a copy of their photos for free so I don’t need to worry about stealing pictures!

I am so proud of how I look in these pictures. All of these were taken within the last 4km of the race. Normally at this point, I don’t look like I’m moving in the pictures. You can’t tell if I’m walking or running. In these ones, you can! And another surprising thing is that my form doesn’t look absolutely terrible, even crossing the line. IMG_5369.JPG



Here’s the elevation profile. There are some hills at the start and then it’s pretty well downhill to the finish line.

Also I’m not sure what’s going on with the garmin website. My pace was not 13:25; I don’t remember running for almost 3 hours?


I finally got to update my personal bests on the app too.


I’m sure I can beat the 10k time I have there. It’s just not a distance I have races very often. Even in the training I’ve done, I guess I never run exactly 10km. I’ve attempted to do a 5k at that pace and it just makes me want to die. I think the combination of having increased mileage, and a pacer on that run made all of the difference.

The time that’s killing me the most is the marathon; I know I can beat that. So because this is how running works, we never settle. I’m signed up for around the bay next year, and Ottawa Race Weekend (marathon). I’m looking to destroy my times from this year because I had bad races both times.

Last thought: I am doing the race in Gatineau this weekend. It falls on Halloween. I’m considering running with cat ears and whiskers but I’m not sure I will. I’m thinking if it goes bad, at least I am a cat.