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Hello again! It’s been a while since I gave an update about my running.

I haven’t really been running too much since the marathon but I’ve been looking to jump back into training more seriously this week to start getting ready for the army run in September.

Since my last post, I have ran in three shorter races. I did decent in all of them considering my training has dropped off so much.

Race 1: MEC 10k Carp Race

This race took place on Father’s Day. My dad and I decided to go to it together and then just split up when we ran as I would be going faster. We didn’t have a great weather forecast but it actually didn’t end up being too bad.


My race started off really strong. It was an out and back course that had one big hill on it. You can see from my splits where the hill was. Unlucky for me, my stomach also cramped up when I hit the hill so it was just terrible to get up.


I was hoping to crack an hour in the 10k, which I was way ahead of pace to do until the hill. Either way, I was happy with my time considering I had stomach issues again.

Time: 1:01:15

Race 2: Canada Day 5k

I ran this race last year and decided to do it again. It was about $30 and you get a t shirt and a medal; it doesn’t get much better than that.

I ran it with my boyfriend who helped to pace me. We were going to try and crack 27 minutes as my current record is 27:21. Here we are before the race


I held on fairly strong for most of the race, but at the very end my stomach cramped again. I’m starting to think this happens when I try and work my body too hard. Here we are about to cross the finish.


Look at my terrible heel striking!! I was toast at this point.

Time: 28:18

Race 3: Farm Run 15km

I did this race last year also, except it was called the no frills 10 miler. It takes place on the experimental farm in Ottawa. There is a 5k run and 15k this year. The course was a 5k loop and we ran it three times.

This was a very small race put on by an organization called Run Ottawa, who most notably organizes Race Weekend. There are no medals unless you win your age category and 90% of the runners who show up are lightning fast. Last year I won a medal just because I was the only one who showed up under 30.

I realized this year when I arrived at the race that I was in no position to get a medal again. A very serious looking woman showed up and she absolutely destroyed. She was actually so fast, she lapped me. So I’m not mad I didn’t win.

I did decent considering I haven’t run that far since the marathon. I managed to run the whole thing aside from water breaks. So it actually went better than I thought. I managed to pass a few people in the last lap, which was fun.

I was one of the last to finish and they were taking down the course about 10 minutes after I finished. Ouch. Anyways, it was fun and I got to see some cows!


Time: 1:37:46

I’m going to start training more this week. As for more summer races, I have a 5k at the end of August. Other than that, I may sign up for some short races on a whim depending on the weather. I’ll keep you posted!