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It’s finally rolled around- the 30k around the bay road race weekend is upon us. I’ve made it to Hamilton already. I’ll share with you my weekend and race plan.

Ottawa is about a 5-6 hour drive away from Hamilton so my parents, my boyfriend and I all hopped in the car around 2pm Friday afternoon. This way we aren’t arriving the day before the race and with a dinner stop it meant not getting stuck in Toronto traffic. I am staying at my cousin’s house and my parents decided to come because their siblings live here also. It was nice that my dad drove because it gave me a chance to nap for a little bit in the car.

I have had a cold pretty much the whole time I’ve been back from Florida. I need all the rest I can get so hopefully I’m over it by Sunday. This morning I woke up and for the first time, I’m not exhausted. I’m still a little stuffed up and coughing but I’m hoping it’ll be gone by tomorrow. With being sick all week, I am being realistic for the race tomorrow. I’m not sure I will have the energy to go out as hard as I can. I will find out tomorrow.

As for tapering, I meant to run more the last two weeks but like I said, I’ve been sick. I figured rest was more valuable than sneaking a few more runs in that really wouldn’t make me any better. The last run I did was last Friday. I ran home from work and managed to get home right before it was dark out.

I’ve readjusted my goals and I’m thinking that my “A goal” is probably going to be to shoot for around a 3:10 finish. At this point, I’m really hoping I’ll be rested enough to go for it. They say the sleep two nights before the race is the most important one and I got a good rest so I’m hoping that will help.

It was difficult to pack the right running clothes for the weekend. I packed my stuff on Wednesday night because it was the last night I was staying at my apartment. So basically I packed for every weather possibility. It’s looking like the morning will start off cold and then warm up at this point which will be tricky to dress for. I’ll decide what to wear tomorrow morning probably.

We are heading to the race expo today to pick up the bibs (my dad is running the 5k and I also offered to pick up my boyfriend’s sister and boyfriend’s bibs too to save them the drive from Toronto). I’m going to look around a little but normally at race expos, I like to get in and get out. It’s not worth being on your feet all afternoon to shop around for thins that aren’t really a great deal. Sometimes you can find good things but usually it’s just people selling you things you don’t need.

I’m planning to have my last carb heavy meal this afternoon and then have a pretty plain dinner. We are going to watch the leafs and sens game at my aunt’s house and then head back and go to sleep.

I just finished up at the expo and I bought a cool tshirt. Also the race shirts are pink this year! Here’s a picture of the finish line!


Highlight of the expo was meeting Eric Gillis! I had seen he would be at the friendship run that running room puts on but I slept in instead. He was at the expo though so I grabbed a picture with him. He was so nice and it was cool to see an elite runner in person. I was so surprised at how little he is!


I’ll update tomorrow after the race!!