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Hello friends! I haven’t posted in awhile and I finally found some time to post. I’ve got a few updates to share!

I started running to work instead of taking the bus. It has finally warmed up enough that it is doable for us regular humans to run outside every day. I bought a small backpack that has clips around the chest and waist to prevent bouncing in transit. I’m also lucky enough to work somewhere with a shower so I don’t smell all day. It’s been great; I like feeling awake when I get to work. The distance to my work is about 12km, so it’s a good distance. Eventually I’d like to build up to running to and from work in a day.

Speaking of it getting warmer, I finally tested my gear in extreme cold weather before it did. It was at least -20 one morning and I was just too fed up with the gym to go so I geared up and went outside. Here’s what I wore:

Bundled up

Bundled up

I had three pairs of pants, three shirts, and super thick running gloves. I learned something I never realized before: if it’s cold enough, your breath with freeze to anything it touches-even eyelashes. Here’s the result of this lesson:

Frozen on the canal. That's TD Place in the background

Frozen on the canal. That’s TD Place in the background

Surprisingly, I wasn’t cold at all. I guess I could have been doing some runs in the cold but I still wouldn’t want to do anything longer than 45 minutes in that weather. Too much risk involved. Also, I looked like I was bawling my eyes out when the ice melted.

I bought a pair of trail shoes because I am an impulsive shopper. I had seen them at a local store a few weeks ago and they were on sale for about $60. They are made by north face, which is kind of a funny brand for shoes, and they have a water proof gore-tex lining. I turned the shoes down because I thought they were still kind of expensive considering I didn’t need them. I went back a few weeks later and I found the last pair, in my size, for $47. SOLD. I went to pay and my boyfriend knew the cashier so I saved another 15%. Bonus. Anyways, I’m not sure if I plan to do any trail runs but I thought they would be good for more runs on the canal next winter and for running in the snow. The extra traction will help. I took them out for a spin:

My boyfriend's comment on my shoes: "But they're not pink!"

My boyfriend’s comment on my shoes: “But they’re not pink!”

Look! I didn’t even need a coat that day. I splashed through as many puddles as I could and my feet stayed dry!

My next update is that I went to Florida for a week and just got back on Monday. I ate a lot of things that I shouldn’t have and have a lot of drinks that were well deserved. It was nice to have a break from working. I had a layover in Philly so I ate this delicious concoction

Gigantic Philly cheese steak sandwich

Gigantic Philly cheese steak sandwich

I brought my running stuff with me on the trip and managed to get two short runs in. I decided against doing anything long while there because a) I’m on vacation and b) I’m not acclimatized at all to hot weather. I even tried running relatively early and still found it super hot and humid. I thought I was going to die. Here I am after one of my runs

Sweating like a pig

Sweating like a pig

The trip was a lot of fun but by the end of it, I was getting antsy to get home. Upon returning, it dawned on me that Around the Bay is in two weeks and I’m terrified. I didn’t get as much training in as I liked. I almost tried to run to and from work yesterday but talked myself out of it. It’s too late to make up for any missed training so I just need to stay loose for the next two weeks.

Yesterday was Saint Patrick ’s Day so I’ll leave you with this selfie I took after coming back from having green beers out with friends. I think the lopsided bun and facial expression really convey how I feel about racing in two weeks.

I'm pretty

So pretty

I’m nervous!!!!

Also here is a pretty picture of the sun rising as we left Florida

Heading home

Heading home

I’ll probably post in more details my plans for the race next week. Until then, good day!