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The awful weather in Ottawa had a brief enough gap that I managed to get a long run in. Outside! Not on a treadmill!!

The cold weather has not wanted to let go for the past couple of weeks but luckily on Sunday, it warmed up to a balmy -5. I decided to finally head out on a long run that was over 13 miles. I’m running out of training weeks so I’m getting nervous about the amount of long runs I’ve done.

I set out at around 11am knowing that it was only going to get warmer out. My original plan was to run along the canal path until it ends at hogs back and then turn around and come back and then run along the other side to make the distance. I got on the path at campus and made it about 400m before realizing that I was going to kill myself if I kept going. The paths stop getting cleared after winterlude so they were especially slushy. I wasn’t looking for a technical run where I have to pay attention to ever step I took.

Instead, I came up with the most Canadian solution. The canal is still open. The canal always has a shoulder that is plowed but is packed down snow instead of ice. It’s for people who can’t skate so they can walk along the canal. I decided I would run along it. I ran from campus to dow’s lake, dow’s lake to Carleton, Carleton to parliament, parliament to bank and bank back to campus. For those keeping score, that’s a total of 15 miles. I ran 15 miles on an ice surface covered in snow so I can run a race at the end of March in Canada. I’m starting to think there’s something wrong with me.

Anyways, it took me longer than expected because at some points I had to shuffle across the ice to stay on the path part. I also walked when I was eating my chews because at some points, the ice poked through and I didn’t want to risk slipping. Also kids do some crazy shit when they’re skating so I didn’t want to risk running someone over because I was eating. I feel confident that I will be able to run the 30k race, I’m just not sure how fast I can do it. Either way, it will be a best!

Here’s a picture from my run!

And this is me at my parents house a few hours later. I find the compression
socks really help my calves (they never feel as sore if I wear my socks after)


The weather is looking good for the upcoming weekend, so I’m hoping to do it again!