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I thought I would start this post with a rhyming title. Anyways, this week has been a little tough. I had a hard week at work and the weather really has not been cooperating. Last weekend, I went on a long run and had to come back early because I thought my face and hands were getting too cold.

When I say it has been cold, I mean it has been extremely cold, exposed skin will freeze in under 10 minutes cold. They’ve even been issuing “extreme cold warnings”. Look at how gross it was:

I know there are still people who run in that garbage but it’s just too cold for me. I’m hoping it starts getting warmer soon.

On a personal note, I had a really fun valentines day. I went to the gym in the morning, went to a senators hockey game and went out for dinner. Here’s where we sat at the game:


The dinner we had was at a beer speciality place in the market. The waiter was awesome and he kept bringing us free samples. Well, three hours later of free beers ended up being a very silly walk home. Also made for no run on Sunday because I was a bit sleepy.

I did finally do a long run over 10 miles this week. It was “family day” in Canada (a made up holiday so we can have a day off in February) which meant less people going to the gym. I managed to run 13.5 miles without feeling guilty for hogging a treadmill. I did it at a 10:40ish pace and felt pretty good. I struggled near the end because it’s so hot in the gym!

I also booked a trip to Florida for March. I’m excited to run there because it won’t require putting on 309 layers and making sure no large amounts of skin are exposed. I was hoping to run a race while there but it seems like the dates aren’t going to work out. Either way, I’m excited to escape the cold and get some solid miles in. Happy short work week everyone!