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I just counted and there are six weeks left until I will run the longest race I’ve ever attempted. Also I didn’t have a good picture to put up so I thought putting one of my cat would be better than nothing.

I’m getting really nervous. I’ve been having a hard time hitting all of the workouts and this week has been another disaster. In between the weather not cooperating, not feeling well and a small back injury (I fell down in a parking lot-was carrying a box of liquor and didn’t lose anything though!) I haven’t done too much training.

Here’s a picture of the scratch I got from falling. One of my beer cans hit me in the face and then fell back in the box

I even tried to get up this morning to do an outdoor run before work but it snowed more than I thought it was supposed to. I know part of missing training is me being lazy but I’m having a hard time with the weather here lately. It’s either snowing a whole bunch, which means minimal traction, or it’s -20 out. I did a long run last week at about -16 and I wanted to go longer but my hands and face were starting to get too cold and I was concerned.

I think another thing that would help me with this training is having a buddy to run with. There’s no one mad at me if I stay home so I assume all responsibility. Even just having someone to come to the gym with me would help.

All in all, I’m struggling right now and I’m hoping to turn it around before the race or I am going to have a really bad time there.