I made it to the gym yesterday in an effort to get back on track with my training. I went at what should have been a quiet time; I went around 11am so I thought I would beat the lunch rush. I was wrong. It made me notice most of the things I don’t like at the gym and I thought I’d share with you!

Broken Treadmills
The gym I go to is notorious for having at least 2/10 treadmills not working at any given point. This sometimes makes it difficult to get on the treadmill right when you’re ready to start working out.

People Texting or Reading
I watched a girl yesterday who was texting her life story to someone on the treadmill. This would be fine if there were a lot of treadmills but it sucks when you’re waiting to lay down some serious miles and you see someone texting and walking at 1mph.

Also, this goes for any piece of gym equipment. I really respect that people make the effort to get to the gym but it’s really worth it to work out hard enough that you can’t read a book while you’re doing it. It’s more beneficial and you’ll see more results because you’ll be focused on what you’re doing. Plus it’s probably gross to get sweat all over your book/magazine/phone.

Treadmill Peekers
These are the people who you can feel staring at you in the mirrors. Then in the corner of your eye you catch them peeking at the speed you’re going at. It shouldn’t matter what someone else is running or walking at. Either you’re going to think too highly of yourself for being faster than someone else, or you will beat yourself up wondering why you can’t go that fast. Either way, not fun for anyone. Plus it’s kind of creepy.

Hot Showers
There’s nothing worse than being super hot from a workout and not being able to cool off in the shower. The water is always very warm at the gym and I just hate it. It’s like showering in sweat.

I’m done ranting now, what do you not like about the gym?