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Weeks 8 and 9 slipped out of control pretty quickly. Week 8 had some cold weather and I didn’t run too much. One of the runs I did was so windy, I was running beside people who were on the canal who looked like they were standing still. Pretty rough.

I did a 10 miler last Sunday and shaved off 4 minutes from last week. That’s a positive. This week had some pretty poor running activity. I was not feeling well at all and almost stayed home from work a few days. Just so tired and lethargic. It’s not a good
excuse and I wish I had run more this week for sure.

On a plus note, I ran with my boyfriend as a pace bunny and I crushed my fastest 5k time outside by about two minutes. I guess the training is paying off.


The fastest I’ve done before that was around 29 minutes. Not too shabby.

I’ve decided to re-run this week on the training schedule instead of skipping ahead to the next week. I am excited to get back at it.