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So I haven’t posted in a while. It seems that everyone else in the New Year is trying to work out more but I’ve found I’ve been slacking the past couple of weeks. The weather has gotten so nasty in Ottawa that it’s made it difficult to get my workouts in if I wanted to do them before work.

In week 6, it was New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day which were write offs. I ended up staying at my parents house so I didn’t bring my running shoes with me even though I probably should have. So I skipped a couple runs there. That Saturday, I went for a run along the canal and almost froze my butt off. I think I need two layers of pants for windy days.

That Sunday, there was a terrible snow and ice storm which meant no running outside. Here’s a picture of a frozen tree.

I ended up going to the gym instead and almost died on the treadmill. My stomach was not impressed with what I ate that day and I had to cut my workout really short.

Here’s the summary of week 6.


Week 7 was the coldest week in Ottawa of the winter season. With the wind chill, it would have been irresponsible to be out running with the gear I have. I tried to go to the gym when I could and I managed to hit the more important workouts of the week: speed, tempo and the long run.

I got a little lazy recording when I went to the gym so I can’t remember if I went or not. My mileage might not be correct for week 7. When I went for my tempo run Friday morning, it had snowed overnight and the paths hadn’t been plowed. I couldn’t hit the speed I needed to but I think the added effort of trying to get through the snow should make it equivalent.

Here is a summary of week 7.


The Tuesday workout was 7x600m with 400m recovery. I’m having fun doing the speed workouts because it really breaks up the run and makes it more interesting.

On Sunday, I ran along the canal and did a 10 mile run. I found $10 on the ground while I was out! The canal opened on the weekend so I was very tempted to buy myself a beaver tail on my way home. If you don’t know what a beaver tail is, it’s the most delicious and iconic dessert associated with skating on the canal and Ottawa. It’s deep fried dough with brown sugar and cinnamon (the traditional one). And it’s delicious. There are other toppings but I’ve never tried them because they seem weird and wrong.

I’ll post about this week soon and I’ll try to get back on the wagon!

Around the Bay Total Training Mileage: 114.01 miles