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I know this is a little late, but I thought I would share my race summary from last year! It’s a good thing I have some pictures from the races because I forgot about a couple of them…

Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon: May 4th
This was my first race of the year. I had a hard time training for it because I was in my last semester of school and had a crazy final project that took up all my free time. If I remember right, I was having some knee pain during the race and had to walk a bit.
Finishing Time: 2:20:27

Ultimate Run for Men’s Cancer 10k: June 15th
This race was on Father’s Day. I had asked my dad about it in advance and told him that he could pick a distance and then we would run together. He decided he wanted to try the 10k and it was a nice run along the aviation parkway in Ottawa. We stuck together the whole race and he beat his goal time!

Finishing time: 1:04:11

MEC Race 4: Carp Half Marathon: June 22nd
This race was nice a cheap thanks to MEC. If I remember correctly, I paid $15 plus tax for this race. There’s no medals or free shirts but it’s chip timed and there are aid stations. This race was perfect. Great scenery through Carp, most of the race was actually on gravel so it didn’t hurt as much, and it wasn’t too hot. This was a PR for me.

Finishing Time: 2:14:58

Scotiabank Canada Day Road Races 5k: July 1st
This was a race I signed up with my boyfriend and my friend. My boyfriend is a really good runner but he hates doing it so I managed to talk him into the shorter distance. My friend ran a half marathon once but hurt herself and had been trying to get back into it. I thought it would be a fun race for us all to try since it was short. Turns out, it’s really hot racing in July. I started out strong and was walking by the end because it was so hot and humid. I don’t have a picture from this one.

Finishing Time: 30:17 (Yikes! Damn that heat!)

No frills 10 miler: July 16th
My first race where I showed up on my own with no fans! I had to take the bus to the experimental farms in Ottawa and walk all the way to the start line. It looked like it was going to be stormy but ended up being a nice night. I probably looked crazy riding the bus in running clothes and with a fuel belt.

The course was three laps around the farm, which was fun and there were some cows to look at. This was the most humbling race. Two minutes into the race, I was wondering if I was going to be finishing last. Everyone was sooooo fast and pulled away quickly. It is organized by Run Ottawa, which is a large race community. All of the people who showed up have been members for years and obviously have ran for a long time. Old ladies were beating me.

It was an important lesson to race my own race and not worry about anyone else. When I finished, I was surprised to find out that I won my age category! (I was first out of two people). Still a nice feeling!

Finishing Time: 1:38:10

Army Run Half Marathon: September 21st
Worst. Race. Ever. I’ve written a review about it and it describes what happened. I was proud just to finish. But here’s a great picture of me and my dad!

Finishing Time: 2:40:41

9 run run Half Marathon: October 18th
This is a great race. It’s organized in Stittsville and a part of it runs on the trans-Canada trail. My dad ended up running this one with me so it was great to not race alone! I ended up with a new PR!

(I fully understand I don’t own this picture)

Finishing Time: 2:12:58

And last but not least…
MEC Race 7: Gatineau Half Marathon
This race was an absolute beast. The Gatineau hills are the only hills around Ottawa that are challenging to run on. I figured I would sign up for this race and then if I felt like I couldn’t finish it, I wouldn’t go. It was another $15 cheapy race so it was perfect.

I felt like I was ready for the challenge despite not having much hill training. I don’t have a picture from the race, but here is one from the training run MEC organized a few weeks before. I dragged my dad with me (Again I don’t own this picture).


They didn’t have medals, but they gave these out to fill out your finishing time!


Total Yearly Race Distance:136.5 km/ 85.3 miles