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I’ve been slacking off in around the bay training updates so I’m grouping these weeks together! Overall they went well. Most of the runs were done in Stittsville since I was at my parents house for the holidays. Here’s how they looked.
Week 4 has a missed run as I was not feeling well that day. Again, I’m not going to beat myself up over this. This plan is designed to finish a marathon and I need to make it to 30k. I should be ok.

Week 5 was a lot of fun. I actually found it easier to stick to training since it was the holidays. Without having to work everyday, I had more time to run whenever I wanted instead of ungodly morning hours.

There was about a week of warm weather that we were lucky to have in Ottawa. It got so warm around Christmas that there was almost no snow left. Here’s the weather from Christmas Day:


This is freakishly warm for Ottawa. I remember I tried to run last Christmas Day to kill time in between meals. I think I last about 5 minutes before I turned back because I was afraid of my face freezing. I think it was about -20 (that’s Celsius for you Americans!).

It was nice running in the warm weather. Somedays I didn’t need gloves or a hat which is a blessing here. The only unfortunate thing was that I only really packed warmer running clothes so I ended up being too hot on some runs. Definitely a rare occurrence here in the winter.

I’ll write about week 6 soon, which was very unsuccessful thanks to New Years and lack of sleep. Until next time!