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Alright I’ll admit, it’s a pretty negative title to be ringing in the new year with. Also, happy new year! It’s the time of year where everyone sets “New Years resolutions” for themselves. The idea is great, but I just don’t like the idea.

Here’s why: resolutions usually stem from making some sort of drastic change that people don’t think about reasonably. For example, when you hear someone say “I’m going to work out 5 times a week”, but previous to the new year they didn’t work out at all. They may achieve this for a few weeks and then sizzle out when they get burnt out from the dramatic lifestyle change.

This is why I believe people should just set goals for themselves, not “resolutions”. It doesn’t have to be the first day of the year to set a goal for yourself! It could be a random Sunday afternoon when you feel your pants getting a little snug from too many cookies. And I know we’ve all been there.

I don’t want to bash people who are trying to do better for themselves in the new year. It’s great that they want to make a positive change in their lives. I just want people to make achievable goals for themselves like “I will go to the spin class that’s on Wednesdays as much as possible”, instead of “I will try and become a super ripped body builder in only a few weeks of working out”.

That’s the great things about goals- you can update them according to your current state in your life. Maybe after a month or two of going to the one spin class, you feel like you can add a second one and not feel overwhelmed by the drastic life change. Life isn’t a static thing where you can set a permanent goal and not expect life to get in the way a little bit.

My boss looked at me like I was an alien when he asked “what’s your resolution?”. I said “well I don’t have one, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing”. My goals that I have set for myself started months ago and I plan to work towards them just as I have been. Maybe I’m a little bit weird for this but this is what I know works for me.

I hope that others can get some inspiration from this to set some achievable and good goals for the new year. Resolving is just too permanent for me.

Happy new year!