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I finished week three of Around the Bay training… kind of. So long story short is that I accidentally skipped a run. I was swapping runs around to make time for holiday plans and kind of forgot to run on Saturday. Whoops. Oh well, from experience I can say that it is better to just forget the run than try to make it up during this week. That’s how you get injured.

Here’s how this week looked. It’s split into two pictures because my running log is written from Monday to Sunday instead of Sunday to Monday like the training plan. Also, this is better for this week because I had to run at the gym so my Garmin won’t show those runs.

You can see that i split one run and then forgot to run on Saturday,

You can see that I split one run and then forgot to run on Saturday,

Training Week 3 2

Run from the previous Sunday

The runs went well and the pace was as slow as it should have been. I had to run on Wednesday at the gym because there was a big snow storm rolling in and I didn’t want to get soaked if I didn’t have to. Then I thought I would run after work on Thursday so I could go to a party on Friday and not feel rushed for time. I got to the gym and tried to put my contacts in and they burned my eyes like nothing else. I’m not sure what happened but there must have been something in my contact case. I ended up running with my glasses on (EW). My stomach also cramped up because I had a power bar on my way to the gym, which apparently is too much for me. So I lasted about twenty minutes before I decided to go home because I was cranky. I ran the other half of my run the next morning before work.

As I mentioned, I forgot to run on Saturday but I swear it was worth it. My roommate, my boyfriend and I did our gift exchange for Christmas because it was the last night we had a chance to. We made a duck and brussel sprouts and potatoes. Here’s a picture of the duck!

Here's the duck. It was so yummy

Here’s the duck. It was so yummy

Please ignore the “serving plate” (a cutting board) and the “gravy bowl” (a measuring cup). Give us a break, we are recently graduated students.

The tree with all of our presents!

The tree with all of our presents!

We put all of the decorations we had on the tree. You’ll notice that there’s also two stars on top. Lastly, I got some cool running stuff!

All the presents!

All the presents!

I got a buff to help cover my face better when it’s windy, a book about running/marathons AND I got a photo album I can use to make a big scrapbook of all of my running stuff. I have a binder started already but this will be a lot nicer. Also you’ll notice that it has my blog title on it!

Things got out of hand with the buff (and maybe a few glasses of wine had something to do with it). Somehow I ended up being an old Eastern European grandma (with my headless roommate in the background) and my boyfriend decided it would make a good du-rag.



It's so bad :(

It’s so bad 😦

Basically, this was an ok running week but I am not going to beat myself up over missing a run. It’s not a big deal and sometimes life gets in the way. I am still confident in my running ability and I don’t think it’s worth risking getting injured. It’s the beginning of the holidays and I’m super excited for them! I hope I can try and be as consistent through the next few weeks even though I will be busy and working. Three weeks down, fifteen to go!