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I made it though week two! The weather for week two was kind of strange. The first run I did last Sunday was done in shorts at about 7 degrees Celsius, Tuesday’s run was pretty cold at -10, then it snowed a few centimetres on Wednesday. Luckily there are no training runs scheduled for Wednesday’s so I lucked out that it snowed that day. The weather warmed up a bit for for the rest of the week.

Since the weather from this week was so random, I can actually say I went running in shorts and long sleeve shirt on one day and then two days later I ran in a long sleeve shirt, a tech pullover from lululemon, a running coat, fleece pants, a hat, mittens and a face full of bodyglide. It was slightly depressing.

Here’s a summary of my runs:

ATB Week 2 Training

ATB Week 2 Training

The goal pace was still supposed to be very slow, over 11:00 per mile (SO BORING). As you can see, I didn’t really stick to that on Friday or Saturday. Friday I was excited because I finally found a job to sustain myself for a little while until I figure out what I want to do (it’s not an engineering job). Saturday was so mild and pleasant out that I honestly didn’t notice that I was going too fast until halfway through the run. At that point, I just wanted to keep going at that pace because it didn’t feel hard and I wanted to prove to myself that I can still run faster than I’ve been going.

I also went to body pump on Monday. I thought about going on Wednesday also but I decided against it. The training plan is up to five days a week now so going to pump again would have meant eleven days in a row of working out; that’s probably too many.

I took some pictures on my run on Thursday because it was nice and sunny out. It was only -7 out but because it was so sunny, my face never really got too cold. I did find that the sidewalks on the University of Ottawa campus were very slippery and I ended up running in the bike lane instead. I was worried that the canal would also be icy but to my surprise, the path was perfect and had been plowed and rocked (salt isn’t graded to a low enough temperature here!!). It’s impressive that the canal path is so well kept, but almost surprising to me that the university path was so bad. They have plows around all day and it was just terrible. Anyways, here are the pictures:

Highway 417 Bridge. The water isn't frozen underneath!

Highway 417 Bridge. The water isn’t frozen underneath!

View from the Somerset Bridge

View from the Sommerset Bridge

I found a snowman!

I found a snowman!

View of Parliament. This is the uncleared part of the path (I went off roading for the sake of taking a picture).

View of Parliament. This is the uncleared part of the path (I went off roading for the sake of taking a picture).

It was a good week for running and I hope the rest of the weeks go just as well. Two weeks down, sixteen to go.