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I finished the first week of training successfully. It almost feels silly writing about it because the training guide only calls for two training runs. Below, you can find the results from my Garmin.

Week 1 Training

The columns on the right are time and distance.

The training program has an entire month of easy runs to build up a running base. It also suggests a pace for these runs to make sure you aren’t working too hard (it won’t have the same effect). As you can see, my pace was pretty slow for both runs at approximately 11:10 per mile. This is a lot slower than I am used to running and I found it difficult to stay in the right pace range. I would have been pretty off pace if I did not have my watch with me.

At the same time, it is kind of nice to not be worrying about pace. I did three half marathons over the span of six weeks before I took a running break. This easy training feels like a good way to get back into running most days of the week without overdoing it.

I should mention that the routes I ran were just a simple loop around one section of the canal. I like to run on the canal because it is close by and there are always people out on the paths and driving on the roads beside it so if something happens, you aren’t stranded. I did the Pretoria loop (from campus to Pretoria bridge, then crossed over to the west side of the canal and back to campus). To get to three miles, I had to run towards Laurier bridge on the east side of the canal and then turn around and go back to campus.

Since there were only two training runs to be completed, I also went to two body pump classes. I went to one on Monday, and one on Friday. After the one on Monday, I felt pretty sore (especially in the legs) because I haven’t gotten used to going again. At the Friday class, I felt a little tired. I think this had something to do with not eating enough before going to the class which made it harder for me to complete the workout. Unfortunately, the only reasonable time to go on Friday is right before dinner time. I also raised the weight I was using for the chest and back tracks which may have had something to do with it. Overall, I think body pump is a good idea for the base building weeks of this training program. When I ran on Saturday, I could feel that my muscles were a little bit tired which helped me slow down to almost the right pace. Had I been on fresh legs, I think I would have had an even harder time slowing down.

All in all, I think this was a good start to the program. It is not immediately overwhelming so I’m hoping that running more often will feel regular by the time the speed workouts start. One week down, seventeen to go!