There have been some awful weather developments here in Ottawa. We went from cool fall running temperatures to snow covered paths and well below freezing temperatures in a week. Yesterday marked the first run I did wearing my light winter running gear. I ran earlier in the week but the snow forced me to go do it at the gym. Basically what this means is I went from running in shorts to running fully covered. I’m not happy.

Here’s what I ended up wearing:


I have two races coming up in the spring that I will need to start training for. I will have to do some of that running outside in the cold so the sooner I get used to it, the better. I was even overdressed yesterday because I have completely forgotten what to wear at what temperature. And unless it’s super cold out, I always find my hands get too hot wearing gloves but too dry without them. Life is so tough.

The best part about living in Ottawa is that the sidewalks that run along he canal will get plowed until the end of February because of winterlude, so I will have somewhere to go that won’t be too dangerous. I like this city.